Supported Housing (Its starts from here)

Dyzack Group offers good housing services based upon the individual needs of each prospective tenant. Providing vulnerable people an opportunity to improve their quality of life by providing a stable environment which enables greater independence.We provide high quality and strategically planned housing-related services which are cost effective and reliable, and complement existing care services.

Dyzack has the expertise and track record in resettling service users from residential care into their own accommodation back in borough. Transferring their existing staff team thus providing a comprehensive and sustainable service.  

The planning and development of services will be needs led. Supporting People is a working partnership of local government, service users and support agencies.

The primary purpose of housing related support is to develop and sustain an individual’s capacity to live independently in their accommodation. Some examples of housing related support services include enabling individuals to access their correct benefit entitlement, ensuring they have the correct skills to maintain a tenancy, advising on home improvements and accessing a community service alarm. Other services include a home visit for a short period each week or an on-site full-time support worker for a long period of time.

A range of services and activities can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs. Joint individual needs core assessments are carried out with the placing authority as the commissioner.

Our Services Include

• Providing affordable Housing
• Providing Furnished Properties
• HMO approved
• Assignment of Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreements
• Housing Management Support
• Housing Officer Intervention
• Housing Benefit Advisors
• Approved Contractors (CRB Checked)


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