Regional Office

National House

65 High Street
Herne Bay

Kent CT6 5NN
Tel: 020 8523 9090
Fax: 020 8523 9085

Canterbury Office
28 Victoria Park
Kent CT6 5BL


Key People

David Ellery (Service User)

Part of the Management Team (Complaints)

Rhonda Diana Grant (RMA,CerHS)

Registered Person In Control

Residential Services In Kent

Margaret Ann Woods (BA hon's Ed, Dip Ed, RMA, RMN)

Senior Care Manager

Quality Assurance & Operations

Zaid Hasmat-Ali JP (Cmgr, MICM, RMA, DipMS, GQHP)


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Dyzack Group Ltd
London Office The Business Centre, 268-270 Chingford Mount Road, London E4 8JL   |  Tel: 020 8523 9090
Canterbury Office: 28 Victoria Park, Canterbury, Kent CT6 5BL   |   Tel: 01227 363 395